The Canine Habitat is a division of Pet Intel. Inc.  Our Pet Intel. Team of Coaches works in collaboration with The Canine Habitat clients to bring clients the best service possible. Please visit Pet Intel.'s website  to find out more about complimentary services and discounts for Canine Habitat Clients and see our additional team member bios. 

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We all want the best care for our dogs. Finding a qualified and reliable person or place to care for your dogs while away can be stressful, especially if one of them requires specific care. The Canine Habitat is designed to cater to any and all dogs. We do not refuse clients based on behavioural or health profiles but instead outline an individualized program to suit each of their needs. We can provide accommodation for dogs of all sizes, breeds and ages. There are no hidden fees or extra service charges. Everyone gets the best care they can receive and multiple opportunities to learn, play and rest all while under the qualified supervision of top professionals. Each dog is treated with respect and is provided with typical rules and structure found in a normal home. Appropriate behaviour is always encouraged.

During your dog’s stay at the Habitat, every dog will have periods of ‘confinement’ no more than 4 hours at a time (aside from overnight). This means there will be times when they are left unattended in a ‘safe place’. To help us ensure safety, we will require owners to fill-out a short questionnaire regarding their dog's behaviour. 

Meet Our Team

Working together to bring you the best.

Jessica, Behaviour Coach

Dip. CBST, Canine Behaviour Specialist

Jessica has a Diploma in Canine Behaviour Science & Technology and has been working as a professional Canine Behaviour Consultant for 8 years. She's a mother of 4 and a nurturer of many. She has developed a strong philosophy in her business operation with the main principals being-- REAL, BALANCED, SMART, which is the way she attempts to operate in all aspects of her life.

Jessica believes in establishing harmony and balance using the path of least resistance with a focus on strengthening the human-animal bond. Jessica takes a unique approach to behaviour modification and training by translating canine language in to understandable human terms. She uses individual real life situations to create and implement behaviour change programs that are obtainable for the average dog owner.

She specializes in an organic approach to Service and Assistance Dog training that caters to the human-animal team and the bond between them.

She is a advocate for rescuing and rehabilitating animals and a huge supporter of responsible dog ownership education.

She has testified as an expert witness for the Provincial Court System, boarded, fostered, bred, owned and worked with many different types of animals throughout her life.

She worked alongside of Cheryl Smith (Owner of Forever Friends Dog Training, and an internationally recognized Canine Behaviour Specialist) as an apprentice for 2 years, and in addition has completed several intensive theoretical behaviour and training study programs with the Companion Animal Science Institute earning her a diploma in Canine Behaviour Science & Technology.

Jessica has worked as the Canine Behaviour Consultant at her local animal shelter where she assessed over 100 shelter dogs and provided staff and volunteer training. She created and implemented the "Meet Your Match" adoption program by screening individuals and pairing them with suitable canine matches.

She is also a professional member of the CAPPDT (Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers) and the AABP (Association of Animal Behaviour Professionals).

She was a Pet Behaviour Consultant Columnist for the EMC Record News distributed throughout Lanark County, Stitsville & Kanata. She has been published in Reader's Digest online, Canadian Living Magazine, Ferret World Magazine and has been interviewed as an expert on CBC, CFRA & EZRock Radio Ottawa.

Jessica acted as the primary trainer and operator of the a 6 month pilot project funded by DND) in Ottawa. She worked with active service members and veterans to train, evaluate and certify service animals to be teamed with injured soldiers and vets.

Jessica’s compassionate approach while working with clients and comprehensive understanding of behaviour and training issues, has made her a valuable addition to the industry.

Jessica is the mother of two boys and step-mother of a son and daughter . She enjoys helping children learn how to effectively communicate with dogs. Jessica has Chihuahua mix named Benito and an American Bulldog mix, Poe, a Basenji who she fondly refers to as "My little Weirdo", and her newest pack addition, a rescue Boston Mix named Zelda.

Her professional focus is to help establish or restore harmony and balance between owners and their pets by teaching them how to effectively communicate with their animal using applied science-based behaviour modification techniques.

Charlotte, Habitat Attendant

Professional Canine Caretaker

From a young age, Charlotte knew she loved animals and that someday, she would have a job surrounded by them. After completing high school, she looked online at nearby college programs and found the “Veterinary Assistant” program at Algonquin College. She decided to enrol in the program, with a primary interest animal behaviour. Within the year of doing the program Charlotte confirmed her feelings of not wanting to continue education in veterinary medicine, but instead to further explore what she could do to apply her new found knowledge working hands-on with dogs and their people.

Shortly after graduating at Algonquin College, she started a job in the kennels at Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind, it was a dream come true. Finally she was working with dogs as a job... albeit it was mostly just cleaning. She appreciate the time she spend at CGDB, but I soon realized that she still was not fully satisfied and had more to offer. She would come in every day and watch the dog trainers taking out their designated group of dogs and all she could think was, “I want to do that.” After working at CGDB for just under a year, she started job hunting again.

She started dog walking and dog sitting to friends and neighbours which soon became her side business 'Barks and Binkies'.

She decided to further her knowledge and education by volunteering with TAG Dog Training and was soon as a part-time doggy daycare attendant. Slowly, she began to accept more hours and started the apprenticeship program to become a dog trainer! She graduated from this program and began teaching dog training classes. With a drive to learn more about canine behaviour, Charlotte continued to seek out the council and mentorship of professionals in the industry. After speaking to a number of professionals who had the pleasure of working with and teaching Charlotte, there was no question that we needed to meet this girl!  We are very thankful to have found Charlotte along her journey and are pleased to have her join our team as the Canine Habitat Attendant/Coach where we are sure she will continue to grow, learn and share her love and passion for canines with our team and are clients. 

Jeff, Respite Attendant

BCom/BSocSc, Entrepreneur, Professional Dog Walker & Canine Behaviour Coach

Having grown up with family dogs all his life, it was a no brainer to get his very own dog once his University studies were completed. At the age of 36, Jeff turned his love and passion for dogs into his second career. In 2012, Barking Up Trees was born.

He is a member of the Ottawa Dog Walkers Network, Associate Member of the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers, occasional volunteer for the Ottawa and Valley Lost Pet Network Jeff is excited to be part of the Pet Intel. Team of canine Coaches. He is eager to apply his new knowledge and experience in order to help even more dogs live fulfilling lives.

Nat, Respite Attendant

Canine Behaviour & Nutrition Coach

Nat Zeldin is a Canine Nutrition Expert, Product Specialist and Canine Behaviour Coach. Nat is a long time dog lover and no stranger to the pet industry. She started her journey as a young teenager in her first pet-related job where she found herself caring for a pack of sled dogs. From here, she expanded her dog knowledge by focusing on nutrition, working with a couple to help them develop their own raw dog food line. She now owns and operates a pet boutique, Cricket and Company in the heart of downtown Ottawa with her long-time friend. We are pleased as punch to have Nat as part of our team. 

Jane, Respite Attendant

Professional Canine Caretaker

Jane O'Neill has lived her life among a pack. She raised 4 humans alongside a large pack of dogs for most of her adult life and found as her humans left the nest her canine pack grew larger. She now operates Hovenweep Farm Dog Sanctuary where she cares for a pack of Potcakes and other mixes with varied pasts. She graduated as a Professional Canine Handler from Forever Friends Dog Training School in 2007 which lead her to position at Lanark Animal Welfare Society as Manager of the Dog Department where she worked for 2 years. She has a background in social services, nursing and caring for the disabled. Jane offers experience and passion to our Habitat Team.