Baby on Board

Congratulations!! Your family is growing and you want everyone to get along.

Our Baby on Board Program is designed for expecting families to help ease the stress associated with introducing your new baby to your fur baby. Our program builds on the hard work you have already done to prepare you dog for the big changes ahead. We take excellent care of your dog AND help to desensitize him to all of the new experiences he will be facing in the weeks ahead. The program is designed to provide care for your dog during the last week of pregnancy and first week home with the baby. 

Walking with a stroller

Sitting quietly while you feed the baby

Conditioning to crying sounds

Engaging gently with tiny people

Greeting family visitors

Enjoying alone time

Program Includes:

1 hour Private In-Home Session (at pick-up)
During this session we get a tour of your home and the areas your dog spends his time. We discuss your goals and answer and questions prior to your dog's stay. We may give you some homework to prepare for when your dog returns home. 

1 hour Private In-Home Session (at drop-off)

During this session we discuss all the progress your dog has made and provide you with any homework you may need. We give you a detailed plan of integration and help you navigate through the first introduction to your new baby. 

2 Week Behaviour Stay

We will provide two full weeks of care and training for your dog while you focus on the life changing event. 


We will both pick-up  your dog for the start of his stay and drop-off your dog at home at the end of his stay. 

Program Length:

2 weeks (14 days)

Program Cost: Value ($1000)

$799.00 + HST