Puppy Bootcamp Program 

Our Puppy Bootcamp is designed to help you and your puppy (age 8 weeks to 20 weeks) achieve a normal balanced life together. Puppyhood is an important and delicate period of development. During this developmental stage we are able to prepare our puppies for integration into the social world. The first four weeks away from their litter mates and their mother is a critical time. During this period, rules and boundaries must be established and consistently implemented. Teaching your puppy appropriate social skills and basic manners is an essential part of puppy parenting. Our program is 7 weeks long. Seeing as bonding with the new puppy is important for owners, we have divided our program with one week away, one week at home. The final week of 'finishing school' is done in the home of one of our Senior Behaviour Coaches.

What Your Puppy will Learn:

• Proper Greeting- Reward appropriate greeting behaviours (no jumping up)

• Excellent Name Response

• Dog Social Skills- Introduction to appropriate social interaction with a variety of other dogs

• Exposure to Children- Encourage proper play and minimize mouthing

• Bite Inhibition- Begin teaching how to engage respectfully with humans and how to be gentle with their mouths

• Grooming Manners- Begin desensitizing your puppy to touch for handling

• Leash Skills- Intro on how to walk on leash

• Basic commands- sit, down, go, come, off

Crate Training- Begin the process of teaching self-soothing while confined

House Training- Intro to proper elimination habits

• Impulse Control- Encourage calm, relaxed behaviour

What You will Receive:

• The creation of a personalized behaviour modification and/or training program

• Update of behaviour observations and progress (if requested)

• Follow-up services for assistance in transitioning the program to the owners home environment via email or phone


Week 1- Habitat Stay

Week 2- Home with homework

Week 3- Habitat Stay

Week 4- Home with homework

Week 5- Habitat Stay

Week 6- Home with homework

Week 7- Stay with a Private Behaviour Coach

Program Cost: 


Animals who board with a Pet Intel. Canine Behaviour Coach's, will become honorary members of the family for the duration of their stay. They will participate in my families' activities of daily living and be given a separate personal space for sleeping and rest periods throughout the day. They will have supervised play periods with other animals and people.

*Transport fees not included.