Transitional Training Program 

Moving to a new house? Blending families? Add a new dog to the household? Parents moving in?

A change in environment or dynamic can be very stressful for a dog.  Our transitional training program  helps dogs navigate the period of transition by providing regular breaks for both you and your dog as well as providing individualized behaviour modification targeted at conditioning the dog to the new change. It's like a sleep-over camp for dogs! Dogs enjoy the amenities and structure of the Habitat during the weekdays and go home on weekends with some homework for you to do together. This program is 1 month long and includes transport to and from home on weekends. 

Program Duration

4 weeks

Program Schedule: 

Monday to Friday at the Habitat

Dogs are picked up on Monday mornings and brought home of Friday evenings.

Saturday & Sunday at home with homework 

Dogs arrive home on Friday evening and are picked up by an attendant on Monday morning. 

Program Cost: Value ($1255)

$999 + HST