Weekday Warrior Program

The Weekday Warrior Program is designed to support fosters with behaviourally difficult dogs or ease a dog's transition to a new foster family. Our Behaviour Coaches will work closely with the foster family to communicate the dog’s requirements and skill level.

Why it Works

This program picks up where full-time foster care or full-time Habitat leaves off. Busy foster homes can be too much for a transitioning dog to handle AND a transitioning dog can be too much for a foster family to handle during the work week. This program provides respite for the foster family during the week and allows for rescues to obtain more willing foster homes. The Habitat provides dogs a constructive and controlled environment to gain new skills, however rescue dogs' at the Habitat are not able to be regularly exposed to some of the normal stimuli that comes along with adoption. Exposure to urban or suburban environments (traffic, busy parks, etc.) along with other typical household stimuli (family gatherings, children, small animals, etc.) are not areas covered during Habitat stays. This program allows us to work in tandem with fosters as we better prepare dogs for adoption.

How it Works

This program provides weekly care Monday-Friday so the dog can maintain or build skills as they make the transition to normal family life. Dogs in the Weekday Warrior Program will stay at the Habitat Sunday evening to Friday evening and stay in their foster homes Friday evening to Sunday evening.

Transport can be provided at an additional fee.

How do Rescues Qualify?

Rescues who have been approved by the Habitat as official rescues and have a dog in care with an approved foster match or as we like to call them "Weekend warriors" can apply for this program. Space is limited.

What is the Cost?

This program is billed monthly at $600/month. Any weekends where the foster is unable to take their foster dog will be billed at $100/weekend. Any transport required will be billed at $35/pick-up or drop-off.